We guarantee invariance of the steam quality regardless to fuel type: electricity, gas or wood.

The stove consumes either one fuel type, or all at a time in various combinations. The six heating elements and one gas burner allow to heat the stove reactor weighing 1,2 tons up to 500°C in just three hours. Add some firewood, sit back and relax enjoying the smell of it crackling, watching vigorous flame through panoramic quartz glass.


≈ € 32 800

6 heating elements

≈ € 1 440

No decoration

≈ € 23 700


≈ € 27 381

No decoration

≈ € 20 099

The furnace is made of cast iron, and we ensure its daily use in the 24/7 mode as the massive reactor of 1,2 tons keeps temperature for up to 48 hours to make finely divided steam.

From now the size of a steam room makes no matter as the powerful Mironoff M4 stove, due to a flexible air supply, is capable of providing different bathing environments suited to Russian, Finnish, and Turkish baths. The air above the floor gets in through the stove coating and due to convection gets heated out through the baffler to the ceiling. In a space of 10m³ to 300m³ you get a comfortable temperature of your choice.

The fine steam is obtained through a coil pipe within the reactor.

Water feed rushes into the sizzling coil pipe through a valve controlled electronic module where a mini-explosion happens bringing the pressure to 100 atms. The steam runs through a 12-meter cast iron tunnel and turns into superheated highly pressured fine steam. Heated up to 500°C it wallows through a damper up the ceiling. Pure delight for keen bathers!

The Mironoff M4 fine steam which is enough to steam-bathe a company of soldiers ensures your body crawls while bathing.

The electronic control module and mounted temperature gauges provide a safety operation of the stove, visual temperature monitoring and remote control of the whole process.

All the stove concerning info can be displayed on your iOS and Android tablet or mobile.

The application helps you to control the stove remotely via Internet, automatically turning ON and OFF the heating upon reaching the desired temperature of the reactor along with producing steam through voice control and getting manufacturer feedback twenty-four-hour.

The lifetime warranty is not limited to personal usage (365/24/7 service maintanance on condition of scheduled annual maintenance operations conduct).

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